Rayen Wolfe

Sora's lover


Character Features

Alignment TN Race Aasimar
Gender Female Class Rogue
XP Level 3

Ability Scores

Strength 12 +1
Dexterity 14 +2
Constitution 13 +1
Intelligence 15 +2
Wisdom 9 -1
Charisma 10 0

Age: 62

Born/raised in a tiny village far from Ismene, only her father is alive, 3 older siblings (2 still alive), she was born at a special peak of power, father was a knight, had a near death experience as a child where her soul departed into the astral plane but a unicorn found her body and healed her, outlawed unjustly so lives a life on the run, she was strongly influenced by a Wanderer, she publicly humiliated an important community individual by calling him out as a mafia boss—she is a whistleblower who enjoys infiltrating companies to find their dirty laundry and out it to the world, she was previously charged with smuggling benevolent potions and tinctures for the black market, she was publicly beat by law enforcement to be made an example of for her smuggling, she doesn’t follow a religious philosophy but puts stock in the material world, has gambling associates that help her out in her little rougish activities, she has Attachment issues with Sora Castell (her lover)

Rayen Wolfe

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